California’s Energy Transition

By Joshua Yeager, Emma Foehringer Merchant

KVPR and Inside Climate News

Bakersfield, California

Edited by Mia Zuckerkandel

In-custody deaths in Riverside County jails

Stories by Prince James Story, Gail Fry, Jill Castellano and  Aryana Noroozi

Black Voice News; inewsource

Riverside County, California

Edited by Susan Smith Richardson

Maine’s Part-Time Court

By Samantha Hogan

Maine Monitor

Hallowell, Maine

Edited by Mike Wagner & Alan Miller

Eavesdropping in Maine Jails

By Samantha Hogan

Maine Monitor

Hallowell, Maine

Edited by Rose Ciotta

A Toxic Neighbor

By Alejandra Martinez

Kera News

Dallas, Texas

Edited by Vernon Loeb


By Callie Ferguson and Josh Keefe

Bangor Daily News

Bangor, Maine

Edited by Dianna Hunt

Public Housing In Private Hands

By Nina Sparling and Frank Bass

San Francisco Public Press

San Francisco, California

Edited by Mia Zuckerkandel

Past Due

By Sarah Elms, Brooks Sutherland, and Danielle Gamble

The Blade

Toledo, Ohio

Edited by Deborah Nelson and Sean Mussenden

Ignored and Forgotten

By Victoria Bouloubasis

Enlace Latino NC

Raleigh, North Carolina

Edited by Mc Nelly Torres

Education Under Siege

By Steve Collins and  Lindsay Tice

The Sun Journal

Lewiston, Maine

Edited by Jennifer LaFleur

Nursing Homes and COVID-19

By Whitney Downard

The Herald Bulletin

Anderson, Indiana

Edited by Lois Norder

Coping with COVID-19

By Nicole Hayden, Maria Sestito, Mark Olalde and Christopher Damien

Desert Sun

Palm Springs, California

Edited by Jeff Gottlieb

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